Big Al's 40th Birthday

How To Get your Tickets

Please carefully review and follow the steps below ASAP. There’s nearly 100 of us (niiice)!! In order to avoid any mayhem on Saturday, we really want to have all tickets distributed by Friday evening.

  1. Please send $15 per ticket (children under 3 are not required to have a ticket) to Estevan at either:

    • Venmo: @Estevan-Bonilla
    • PayPal:
    • Zelle: 949-633-0292

  2. In your payment, please specify the email address where you would like to receive your tickets. Tickets will be sent to you via the MLB Ballpark App.

  3. Download the app (everything you need to know about the app here), login/create an account under the email address you sent us and you will find your tickets within the “Tickets” tab.

Our Seats

We have almost all of section 242 and parts of 241. At past group outings, we’ve all moved around and hung out in the right field Pavilion. Don’t worry too much about your exact seats assignment.